septiembre 26, 2017

Visit / Netanyahu. Authorities of Aerolíneas Argentinas and El Al celebrate code-sharing agreement

AJN Agency .- The agreement “started today”, for yesterday, Tuesday, and “represents a lot of happiness because they are two old friends who are approaching,” said the president of Aerolineas Argentinas, Mario Dell’Acqua, to the AJN Agency. “From what I saw on this visit, this is the time to strengthen the bond,” added the international deputy director of the Israeli-owned El Al line, Stanley Morais.

AJN Agency.- Prior to the opening of the speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to leaders of the local business world, the president of Aerolíneas Argentinas, Mario Dell’Acqua (center in the photo), and the international deputy director of the israeli airline, El Al, Stanley Morais (left, and on the other hand, the regional director for South and Central America, Yoav Weiss), spoke with the AJN Agency.

“This is the third time we have met in three months: in Cancun (Mexico), with the president; in Tel Aviv and now,” said Dell’Acqua.

The code-sharing agreement between the two companies “started today”, for yesterday, Tuesday, and “represents a lot of happiness because they are two old friends – they were founded one in 1947 and another in 1948 – come together to do something together, and even our tails (of the planes) carry the national colors”, he said.

For Morais “it is very exciting to work together both countries, and uniting the blue and white of Aerolineas Argentinas and El Al is something natural.”

“The Jewish community in Argentina, so valuable and appreciated, has helped us a great deal to achieve this, and above all, the good tuning that our President has with the Prime Minister of Israel; we have not had an airline agreement with Israel for 30 years and this is simply fulfilling what our people want”, said Dell’Acqua.

“From what I saw and heard on this visit and for what (Maurcio) Macri does for Argentina, this is the moment to strengthen the bond and encourage more people to fly in both directions: Israelis come to see this fantastic place and Argentineans go there because they have a lot to know and savor an excellent meal and a good wine”, Morais said.

“Every day we have a flight to Madrid, coordinated with another one from El Al”, so “you go directly to our page (on the Internet) and you put ‘Fly to Tel Aviv’ with a click and one can dispatch your luggage directly “There, but this” is the first step: we will do the same with Rome and Miami “, so that “no one loses time” because “are under our mutual correspondence and any problems they have, we will assist the passengers”, explained the owner of Aerolíneas.

“Both companies have a pricing policy that gives passengers a very economical way of booking” in advance and “aims at everyone to travel: the executive who wants to do business fast and safe will pay more than the vacation who wants to visit a relative and can plan it with a long time”, he added.

“The strategy is not related to politics, but we strengthen the inter-state link, as we did with Aeromexico and other companies in South America” as in Colombia, the next destination of Netanyahu, said the international deputy director of El Al.

We are “two companies that are in the same line and we have really understood each other very well; we make a great effort to give them, jointly, the best service to our passengers and to all those who want to travel, I invite them to use us and tell us how they went”, concluded Dell’Acqua.

“As a Jew who made aliyah (emigration to Israel) I tell you that it is time to come; we wait for them and we want to embrace them and say ‘welcome,’ “, Morais said.


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