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Israel Ambassador in Argentina presented her credential cards to president Macri

AJN Agency.- The Israeli Ambassador in Argentina, Galit Ronen, presented this Monday her credential cards to argentinian president, Mauricio Macri.



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AJN Agency.- Ronen arrives at Argentina taking the charge of former Ambassador Ilan Sztulman, who asume his charge in july of 2016.

The diplomatic who is now new ambassador in Buenos Aires has a large experience and had worked in Perú (1996-98), Portugal (1998-99), United States (1999-2002), Croatia, Slovakia, Austria y Slovenia (2002-2015) and Uruguay (2018-2019).

In an interview this Monday with the newspaper “La Nación”, Ronen said that is his duty to “improve relations between Argentina and Israel”.

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AJN News

Argentine Rabbi was attacked in violent robbery at Buenos Aires, Argentina

AJN Agency.- The Rabbi is Daniel Sutton Dabbah, from the community of Od Iosef Jay at Buenos Aires, Argentina, who was victim of a violent assault in the front door of his house in the neighborhood of Abasto.




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AJN Agency.- An argentinian Rabbi suffers today a violent robbery after being intercepted by a group criminals when he was going out of his home in the center of Buenos Aires City, Argentina, going to the synagogue for praying.

Communitary sources reveld that the victim is the rabbi Daniel Sutton Dabbah, of the community of Od Iosef Jay at Buenos Aires, who after going out of his home in Abasto neighborhood was surprised by the thieves.

“The Rabbi was surprised in the way out of his house, when he was in his car going to pray, for men approached him and enter in his vehicle”, said a close to the victim source in statements to AJN Agency.

Sutton Dabbah tried to get the criminals out of the vehicle, but «he get hit in the head and in the face», According to on of the sources. “After that, hi was tied and they took the keys from his house, went up and tried to open it but finally stole the car. He was lefted a few blocks away».

When asked about the possibilty of this being an anti-Semitic attack, the community sources dismissed that
and said that it was «a violent robbery».

The Rabbi Sutton Dabbah was hospitalized and staying interned in the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, with facial wounds.

Members of the community are praying for his soon recovery and peace.

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AJN News

After 20 years of being illegally occupied, an old Buenos Aires synagogue was recovered

Agencia AJN.- A so-called cultural centre operated on the property, with walls bearing anti-Jewish slogans and Nazi symbols.




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Agencia AJN.- An old synagogue of La Boca neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires was recovered by the Jewish community after 20 years of being illegally occupied.

The building is on Magallanes Street 1265 and it witnessed the arrival of the first Jewish immigrants from Europe, who originally settled in the neighborhoods of La Boca and Barracas.

«The recovery was thanks to the combined work of the City´s Public Prosecutor’s Office and the entity Jabad Lubavitch Argentina, which was the denouncer,» said the Undersecretary of Justice, Hernán Najenson. He also extended his gratitude «to the work of Judge Ricardo Baldomar for his efficient and dynamic task».

sinagoga 3A so-called cultural center, known as «La Casa de las Estrellas» (The House of the Stars), used to operate on this property, alluding to the existing decoration with the Stars of David. For an extended period of time, parties were held there and it received constant complaints from the neighbors about disturbing noises and disorder.

«This is the result of a three-month period of work with which we achieved the restitution of this space for the Jewish community,» said Juan Pablo Arenaza, Undersecretary for Public Relations with Security.

The authorities were able to enter the temple and they discovered it had been dismantled and desecrated. On its walls anti-Jewish slogans and graffiti with Nazi symbolism were found. All this was documented with photographs that were added to the case.

With all this evidence, the Buenos Aires prosecutor Tomás Vacarezza was able to get Ricardo Baldomar, Criminal, Contraventional and Misdemeanor judge of Buenos Aires, to order the eviction of the usurpers and the restitution of the property to the legal owners.

The Ministry of Justice and Security of the City, represented by the Undersecretariat of Justice and the Undersecretariat of Citizen Liaison with the Security and Police of the City, provided support during this important operation to recover this historic heritage of the city of Buenos Aires.

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