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Number of Brazilian olim rockets in 2016

AJNA.-By the year’s end, 700 new olim from Brazil will have arrived over the course of 2016, significantly more than the numbers recorded in the previous 2 years; ‘It’s hard being an oleh but this is where I am supposed to be.’




Seven hundred new olim from Brazil are set to move to Israel by the end of 2016 marking a significant leap in the annual number of immigrants hailing from the Land of Samba, according to figures released by the Jewish Agency.

The figures represent a particularly stark increase when compared to the previous two years which saw 496 Brazilians move to Israel in 2015 and 280 in 2014.

“I have arrived at the home I looked for my entire life,” Rafael Satran, 27, told Ynet on Sunday evening.

Rafael, who moved to Israel earlier this year, is currently completing his doctorate in Environmental Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot.

He grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Manaus and explained that throughout his life he always felt connected with Israel. “I went to a Jewish school and was educated in a Zionist youth movement and I was always extremely connected with Jewish and Israeli culture,” he said.

In the past, Rafael had visited Israel and actually lived there for two years during which he learned in a Jewish Agency institute and even volunteered to work on a Kibbutz. “It is hard being an oleh. It isn’t easy to be alone without family, without the language but I feel that this is the place I am supposed to be,” he added.

The publication of the statistics coincided with a visit by Jewish Agency Chair Natan Sharansky to the South American nation. “The Jewish community of Brazil is Zionistic and warm with deep bonds with Israel,” Sharansky commented. “Since the establishment of Israel more than 15,000 people have moved there from Brazil and they have contributed to the character of Israeli society and its strength.”

Three years ago, the average rate of aliyah from Brazil stood at 200 people per year. According to a Jewish umbrella organization in Brazil, the Jewish population stands at around 120,000 people, which is the second largest in South America, second only to Argentina. Sao Paulo is home to 55,000 Jews while Rio de Janeiro is home to around 30,000. Ten thousand Jews reside in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil.

The new boost in the number of olim moving to Israel appears to indicate that an earlier governmental initiative to stimulate further immigration from Brazil is paying dividends. Indeed, in February this year The Knesset Committee for Aliyah and Absorption allocated NIS 1.18 million to encourage the immigration of Brazilian Jews to Israel.

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AJN News

Jewish communities congratulates the President elect of Argentina Alberto Fernandez

AJN Agency.- The principal jewish communities congratulated Fernandez after his victory in the national elections as he got elected President.




Alberto Fernandez Todos

AJN Agency.- The Delegation of Argentinian Israelis Asociations (DAIA) congratulates the President elect Alberto Fernández for the winning in the national elections of the last sunday.

DAIA’s President wish to work together in the fight against antisemitism, every time of discrimination and xenophobie in defense of human rights.

“We congratulate the President elect, Dr. Alberto Fernández. Is our wish to work together in the fight against antisemitism, every time of discrimination and xenophobie in defense of human rights”, said Jorge Knoblovits in representation of the jewish community of Argentina.

Knoblovits talk with the AJN News Agency and insist on his greets to Fernández and said he hope to: «have success in his work for Argentina».

The President of AMIA (Mutual Association Israeli Argentina), Ariel Eichbaum, felicitate this tuesday the elected President Alberto Fernández for the success in the national elections while he transmited his with of «every sector» accompany the transition process.

Talking with AJN News Agency, Eichbaum transmited the predisposition of AMIA for ‘cooperating’ with programs that facilitate a «bigest social inclusion».

“From AMIA we want to congratulate the President elect Alberto Fernández for the results in the election of the last sunday, in which argentian society could, in peace, expres their will and compromise with democracy and respect for the institutions”, said Eichbaum.

The Israeli Embassy in Argentina congratulate the President elect Alberto Fernández por the winning in the national elections that took place on sunday.

The Embassy published on Twitter: “We congratulate the President elect @alferdez and all the argentinian people for this new celebration of democracy”.

Also the Embassy added: “We will keep working together honoring the friendship between the people of Israel and Argentina”.

The ambassador Galit Ronen also greets the candidate of «Frente de Todos», Alberto Fernández, who win the elections in the first round with over the 48 per cent of the vots, beating the still President Mauricio Macri, who seeked reelection.

“It’s always important to celebrate the democracy. ¡Congratulation to @alferdez and all the Argentinian people!”, said Ronen on Twitter.

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AJN News

Argentinian President Macri visited the historical synagogue of Basavilbaso

AJN Agency.- Only a few days away of Rosh Hashana and with Iom Kipur coming soon, Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina participate of the meeting at the synagogue Tefila L’Moisés at Basavilbaso, Province of Entre Ríos.




WhatsApp Image 2019-10-03 at 16.45.13

AJN Agency.- The argentinian President, Mauricio Macri, assisted to the Synagogue Tefila L’ Moisés de Basavilbaso, one of the olders of Argentina, making himself the first argentinian president in visit that synagogue.

Macri send his best wishes for the jewish new year celebration and added: «I want to thank you for reciving me here, in your home. For us it has been very important this years working with the community».

Claudio Avruj, secretary of Human Rights of Argentina discribed that the visit of Macri «Represents with out dudes a huge tribute to the jewish inmigration in the historic colonies of Entre Ríos and a deep recognition to the permanent support to the development of the local communities».

At meeting were present the Rabbi Sergio Bergman, secretary of goverment in Environment and Sustainable Development, and the Minister of Interior, Public Works and Housing of Argentina, Rogelio Frigerio, among others.

In a letter written by Avruj, he assured his pride for the president and remarked the pluralism and respect of Macri.

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