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Argentinian President Macri visited the historical synagogue of Basavilbaso

AJN Agency.- Only a few days away of Rosh Hashana and with Iom Kipur coming soon, Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina participate of the meeting at the synagogue Tefila L’Moisés at Basavilbaso, Province of Entre Ríos.



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AJN Agency.- The argentinian President, Mauricio Macri, assisted to the Synagogue Tefila L’ Moisés de Basavilbaso, one of the olders of Argentina, making himself the first argentinian president in visit that synagogue.

Macri send his best wishes for the jewish new year celebration and added: «I want to thank you for reciving me here, in your home. For us it has been very important this years working with the community».

Claudio Avruj, secretary of Human Rights of Argentina discribed that the visit of Macri «Represents with out dudes a huge tribute to the jewish inmigration in the historic colonies of Entre Ríos and a deep recognition to the permanent support to the development of the local communities».

At meeting were present the Rabbi Sergio Bergman, secretary of goverment in Environment and Sustainable Development, and the Minister of Interior, Public Works and Housing of Argentina, Rogelio Frigerio, among others.

In a letter written by Avruj, he assured his pride for the president and remarked the pluralism and respect of Macri.

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AJN News

Governor of Jewish origin takes office in Argentina’s main province

Agencia AJN.- Axel Kicillof has been sworn in as governor of the province of Buenos Aires, the most important district of Argentina, for the period 2019-2023 before the Legislative Assembly in La Plata.





Agencia AJN.- Axel Kicillof took his oath today as governor of the province of Buenos Aires, the most important district of Argentina, for the period 2019-2023 at the Legislative Assembly in La Plata.

«It is a very special and important day, and it is especially important for me. I have come to commit myself to work relentlessly and with honesty to rebuild the province of Buenos Aires. I do not intend to be governor of a political space and a sector, I intend to be governor of Buenos Aires’s citizens», said the new governor of Jewish origin.


Kiciloff is the second son of the three who had the psychoanalyst Daniel Kicillof and the psychologist Nora Barenstein, both non-practicing Ashkenazi Jews. He is married to Soledad Quereilhac, a literature teacher, and they have two children.

Kicillof, who was head of the economy ministry between 2013 and 2015, has sworn in one day after Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner took their oaths in National Congress.

Before assuming as governor, he was national congressman, secretary of Economic Policy and Development Planning of the Economy and Public Finance Ministry.

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Israel Ambassador and important leaders of the Jewish community attend the assumption of Alberto Fernandez




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In the photo: Claudio Epelman, Rab Tzvi Grunblatt, Jorge Knoblovits

AJN Agency – Israel’s ambassador in Argentina, Galit Ronen, and important members of Jewish community organizations are taking part in the assumption of Alberto Fernandez as President this morning, pointing out the beginning of a new relationship between the Argentine government and community entities.

DAIA’s President, Jorge Knoblovits, was part of the event. Conversly, AMIA’s president, Ariel Eichbaum, couldn’t be in the assumption he is in the United States participating in the annual meeting of the American Jewish Committee (AJC). The jewish mutual’s vice president, Leonardo Chullmir, attended in his place.

The head of the Latin American Jewish Congress (LJC), Adrian Werthein, and its Executive Director, Claudio Epelman, were at this morning in the legislative assembly, as well as representatives of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the vice-president of the Argentine Zionist Organization (OSA), Demian Stratievsky, and Rabbis Daniel Goldman and Tzvi Grunblatt, director of Jabad Lubavitch.

The Israeli government had announced the presence of its Minister of Science and Technology, Ofir Akunis, but prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to cancel the official’s visit to Argentina because of the moment of political uncertainty affecting the Hebrew country.

For this reason, Israel will be represented by its ambassador Ronen, who has already met with the new president and handed him a letter of congratulations for the electoral victory. She also sent an invitation to Fernandez to travel to Jerusalem on January 23 to participate in the international forum of leaders who will remember the Shoah on the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation.

Meanwhile, the president of DAIA, Jorge Knoblovits, said to the AJN Agency that for the political representation of the Argentine Jewish community attending the assumption of the new president is «a transcendental act of democracy», while AMIA’s leader, Ariel Eichbaum, expressed the wish that the Jewish mutual preserves on the new government’s management » to encourage dialogue and to consolidate common agreements”.

fernandez galit ronen

Israel Ambassador with Alberto Fernández

«For DAIA, attending to a transcendental act of democracy, the transmission of the leadership from one government to another, is witnessing history,» Knoblovits said.

Always in communication with AJN Agency, the head of DAIA celebrated «the invitation to the Jewish community and remember that the election of December 10 as the date of transmission of attributes, is also the tribute to former President Raul Alfonsin, who determined this date because of the Human Rights Day”.
«We hope to continue along the democratic path and express our best wishes for the next government,» Knoblovits said.

On his behalf, Eichbaum transmitted that «the new authorities will find in AMIA the commitment, willingness and predisposition to work in initiatives aimed to achieve greater equity and social inclusion. From AMIA we hope that «dialogue and the consolidation of common agreements be a part of the new government”.

«We wish the president the greatest success for his term, and we reaffirm our commitment to work together to achieve a promising future for Argentina,» said the leader.

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