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Las voces de la comunidad judía que se expresaron en contra de la carta de la AMIA a la DAIA

Agencia AJN.- Desde el Movimiento Conservador, pasando por los religiosos y los intelectuales, diversos miembros de la comunidad se manifestaron en contra del pedido de la AMIA a la DAIA para que se retire de la causa contra Cristina Kirchner.



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Agencia AJN.- El pedido de la AMIA a la DAIA para que desista de participar en la querella contra la ex presidenta y actual senadora, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, encontró voces en contra en diversos sectores de la comunidad local.

Por supuesto, la primera institución en manifestarse en contra fue la misma DAIA: “La entidad hace saber que no tiene la intención de desistir de la mencionada querella, pero que someterá el caso a consideración de todas sus instituciones adheridas y filiales del país”.

Más tarde se sumó el Movimiento Masortí (representado por sus instituciones centrales: el Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano M. T. Meyer, la Asamblea Rabínica Latinoamericana y la representación Argentina de Masortí Latinoamericana), destacó: “Exigimos que se continúe con toda investigación conducente a aclarar la muerte del Fiscal Alberto Nisman y las motivaciones que dieron lugar a la firma del Memorándum de Entendimiento con Irán”.

A esta ola de repudio adhirió Fundación Judaica, institución ligada al secretario de Ambiente, el Rabino Sergio Bergman: “Rechazamos total y absolutamente las exigencias que se expresan en la vergonzosa carta enviada por la CD de la AMIA al Presidente de DAIA y que tomara estado público el pasado jueves 31/1/2019. Reafirmamos en este comunicado que la única voz representativa del conjunto de las Instituciones judías de nuestro país, por mandato de las mismas, es y seguirá siendo la DAIA”.

Asimismo, la Comunidad Educativa Weitzman expresó: “Hoy no hay Shalom en nuestra comunidad. Tras la sorpresa que nos causó como dirigentes la declaración del presidente de la AMIA, nos pronunciamos en contra de esa declaración”.
También hubo un pedido de renuncia vía Change org y una movilización invocada para el próximo jueves en la puerta del edificio de la AMIA en la calle Pasteur, en repudio por lo ocurrido.

Por último, diversos intelectuales y referentes de la comunidad firmaron una carta de rechazo, titulada “Nuevo atentado contra la AMIA, Ahora Moral”. Entre ellos se encontraban Marcos Aguinis, Federico Andahazi, Alejandro Borensztein, Mariano Chihade, Diana Cohen Agrest, Luis Czyzewski, Josefina Delgado, Liliana de Riz, Carolina DI Tella, Alejandro Fargosi, Graciela Fernández Meijide, Ana Gershenson, Antonio María Hernández, Román Lejtman, Alfredo Leuco, Diego Leuco, Guillermo Willy Kohan, Santiago Kovadloff, Fanny Mandelbaum, Ricardo Monner Sans, Norma Morandini, Daniel Muchnik, Silvia Plager, Daniel Roggero, Daniel Sabsay, Julián Schvindlerman, Adrián Suar, Patricia Suarez, Diana Wang y Martha Wolff.


With Mike Pompeo and Jorge Faurie´s presence, the AMIA bombing victims were remembered at AMIA




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Agencia AJN.- Within the framework of the Hemispheric Ministerial Conference on the Fight against Terrorism, a tribute was paid on Friday at the AMIA headquarters to the victims of the attack of July 18, 1994, whose speakers were the Secretary of State of the United States government, Mike Pompeo; the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina, Jorge Faurie; and the President of AMIA, Ariel Eichbaum.

The ceremony included the presence of the foreign ministers, ministers and high dignitaries of the countries of the American continent that since yesterday have been participating in Buenos Aires in the Second Hemispheric Ministerial Conference on the Fight against Terrorism.

The homage began with the music of pianist and composer Leo Sujatovich, then Pompeo, Faurie and Eichbaum lit a candle next to the memorial that recalls the names of each of the 85 fatal victims of the terrorist attack. The monument, by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam, is located in the dry square of the institution, at Pasteur 633, and represents the AMIAS’ commitment to memory and the demand for justice.

During his speech, AMIA´s president Ariel Eichbaum stressed the importance of the tribute made in the context of the 25 years of the terrorist attack: «It is a true honor and it is very significant for us to welcome you today, and the fact that this homage is carried out within the framework of the Summit that is taking place in Buenos Aires».

He also recalled Iran and Hezbollah´s responsability in the attack perpetrated in 1994, something that was proven repeatedly by the Argentine justice system. Referring to Interpol’s endorsement of the international arrest warrants against the accused, and the validity of the red flags, Eichbaum emphasized: «Today I ask the foreign ministers and dignitaries present here. The entire international community has to understand that these people are wanted by the Argentine justice system to account for the crime they have committed. We urgently need the support of all, of each of the countries of the world. Otherwise they will continue to mock and evade the red flags, and we will not have justice».

«Hezbollah is a terrorist organization fully active in several countries on our continent. Its networks have extended to various illicit activities, that are aimed to raising money for its terrorist campaigns. That is why we consider it appropriate, important and fundamental that a concrete step is taken in the fight against terrorism in the region, with the decree that President Mauricio Macri signed a few hours ago for the creation of a Registry of Terrorist Persons and Organizations where Hezbollah has already been included It is imperative that our neighboring countries and brothers do the same», he added.

In turn, the Secretary of State of the U.S. government, Mike Pompeo, especially thanked Eichbaum for receiving him at the AMIA headquarters and highlighted the institution´s struggle in seeking justice these 25 years. Then he recalled the 85 fatal victims who were killed «by the hands of Hezbollah terrorism, in a planned attack by the Islamic regime of Iran, with the logistical assistance of the Revolutionary Guard».

«It was not the first time that Hezbollah attacked in Argentina», he said, remembering the terrorist attack perpetrated on March 17, 1992, on the Israeli embassy in our country, in which 29 people were killed. «These attacks must remind us that terrorism is not a hypothetical threat,» he expressed.

Chancellor Jorge Faurie later stressed the importance of «keeping alive the memory of the victims, their pain, their families, and all the people who were attacked. Demanding justice, we continue working tirelessly so that one day we can achieve it,» he said.

«The Jewish community is a vital part of the social, cultural and industrial fabric of Argentina. It was a blow against democracy, freedom and the Argentine society. A symbol of a community that is particularly active and integrated in our nation was chosen. The Jewish community is a vital part of the social, cultural and industrial fabric of the whole country», he added.

Faurie also referred to the recently announced measures in the fight against terrorism; «These days we have taken internal administrative measures of great relevance. Yesterday was a national mourning throughout Argentina, we reviewed the compensation system we had AMIA´s victims and, most importantly, we witnessed the decree that identifies people linked to terrorism and monitors its funds.

«Our commitment always goes a little further, because anti-Semitism does not always translate into terrorism. Antisemitism is the seed of hatred that generates violence, so we have to work to eradicate it, combat it and do it with absolute tenacity», he indicated.

The homage also included members of the Board of Directors of AMIA, the institution´s lawyer Miguel Bronfman, the secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of the Nation Claudio Avruj, the president of the Financial Information Unit Mariano Federici, the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress Adrián Werthein, Dina Siegel Vann, director for Latin and Latin American Affairs of the American Jewish Committee, and the president of IRSA Eduardo Elsztain, among other personalities.

In homage to the fatal victims of the AMIA attack, the participants of the Hemispheric Summit signed a joint statement that was transcribed into the AMIA «Visitors’ Book», a book that was rescued from the rubble of the former Pasteur 633 building, days after the attack perpetrated by terrorism. After speeches by the three speakers, foreign ministers, ministers, dignitaries, the Secretary of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism of the OAS signed the Declaration against Terrorism.


The undersigned, representing the countries participating in the Hemispheric Ministerial Conference to Combat Terrorism, which is taking place in the City of Buenos Aires on this day, pay tribute to the victims of the Attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA), which occurred on July 18, 1994.

We also reaffirm our repudiation of terrorism in all its forms, while maintaining our commitment to strengthen cooperation among our countries to effectively confront this scourge and help build a future of peace for all.

The declaration was signed by:
Mr. Jorge Faurie, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina
Mr. Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State of the United States of America
Mr. Ariel Eichbaum, AMIA´s President
Ms. Patricia Bullrich, Minister of Security of Argentina
Mr. Darren Allan Henfield, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Bahamas


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«Hezbollah represents a threat to Argentina and the countries of the region»

Agencia AJN.- The head of the Financial Information Unit (UIF), Mariano Federici, indicated that although there are no records that the Lebanese organization has assets in Argentina, it was decided to freeze the activities of those entities linked to it. The decision was taken after commemorating the 25th anniversary of the AMIA attack.





Agencia AJN.- The head of the Financial Information Unit (UIF), Mariano Federici, confirmed an extension of the order to «freeze» the financial activities of entities linked to the Lebanese group Hezbollah after being included in the new National Register of Persons and Organizations Suspicious of Terrorism. «Last year we ordered the administrative freeze of assets and funds of 14 people belonging to this organization, because we already had the power,» he said.

In remarks to the «Cada Mañana» program, conducted by journalist Marcelo Longobardi on Radio Mitre, the official said: «What we did yesterday was to order the freezing of entities that make up the organization as the External Security Organization of Hezbollah, including the secretary general, the undersecretary general and the head of the executive wing, who is also responsible for providing it financial support».

When asked if the people involved had bank accounts in the country, the head of the FIU said: «Not at all, but they are linked to people who have been entering our country, operating from our country and who finance the organization commanded by these people». These individuals are being investigated in the framework of a financing of terrorism case being carried out by the federal judge of Eldorado, in the province of Misiones.

«Beyond that cause, the Hezbollah organization is also implicated as highly suspicious in the commission of the attacks that took place here in the 1990s,» said the official, who noted that both the files and judgments of the justice system indicate Hezbollah as responsible for the attacks.

Regarding the decree signed by President Mauricio Macri, Federici explained that the rule will allow more publicity to be given to the registration of this type of freezing, which previously the FIU only ordered and communicated to its regulated subjects. «Now this is advertised so that everyone knows what the position of Argentina about this organization is,» he said. Federici also explained that it aims to be «a deterrent mechanism».

«What we are trying to do is to create a system that would discourage the organization and anyone linked to it who wants to provide support and come and operate in our country. Anyone who carries out or intends to carry out any operation with Hezbollah is going to have the operation suspended and the assets frozen,» he said.

Federici indicated that the UIF understands that Hezbollah «has no assets in the country,» although he clarified that with this presidential decree they expect «the responses of regulated subjects to the freezing orders». «Without prejudice to this, what the decree seeks is that they never have assets in the country and that nobody intends to make an operation in favor of this organization that, for us, is accused of causing much damage to Argentina,» he added.

Finally, the official stressed: «This measure taken by the government puts Argentina in a place of leadership. It is the first country in Latin America to list Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and we hope that other countries in the region will follow this same path, because we believe that this organization not only represents a threat to national security and the integrity of Argentina but also to other countries in the region».

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